The following ethnic groups made up the rest of the statewide public school student body: Asians (11%), African Americans (7%), Native Americans (0.7%), and Pacific Islanders (0.6%). of Education, Special Education Division custom tabulation (Jun. The Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance is designated as the single official source of demographic data for state planning and budgeting. [citation needed], California has the largest population of White Americans in the U.S., totaling 21,453,934 residents as of the 2010 census. As a result, most Japanese Americans in urban areas do not reside in historical Japanese communities. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. [19], According to 2018 US Census Bureau estimates, California's population was 59.5% White (36.6% Non-Hispanic White), 14.7% Asian, 13.8% Some Other Race, 5.8% Black or African American, 0.8% Native American and Alaskan Native, 0.4% Pacific Islander and 5.1% from two or more races. African Americans have made a contribution to the state's hip-hop and R&B music culture. California also has the third largest Greek American population in the United States, behind New York and Massachusetts. [10] From 2006 until 2016, the state lost a net population of about 1 million people from emigration to other states,[11] yet the population of the state continued to grow due to immigration from overseas and more births than deaths. Walnut and Diamond Bar), Buena Park, Cerritos, West Covina, Irvine, communities in the South Bay, Los Angeles and southern Orange County. We rank UCSD #3,279 in the nation for student age diversity. [21] By ethnicity, 39.3% of the total population is Hispanic-Latino (of any race) and 60.7% is Non-Hispanic (of any race). More than 25,000 Israeli Americans live in the Los Angeles, according to the Israeli American Council. A small wave of Danish, Dutch and Swedish immigrants founded towns like Lathrop near Stockton, Artesia near Los Angeles, Kingsburg south of Fresno, Solvang north of Santa Barbara in the late 1800s and the private community of Sveadal located 15 miles south of San Jose and populated entirely by members of the Swedish American Patriotic League. These include: Northern: Berkeley, But the state’s demographics in 2014 are very different from what they had been. health equity measure and data by race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and Dublin, [82], The largest Christian denominations in California in 2000 were the Roman Catholic Church with 10,079,310; the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 529,575; and the Southern Baptist Convention with 471,119. There are also 25,000 Samoan Americans originally from American Samoa or Western Samoa. African Americans are approximately 7 percent of the state population. A large wave of Asian immigration since 1965, following the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which ended the ban on Asian immigration, brought in more Chinese along with Koreans and Southeast Asians after the Vietnam war ended in the late 1970s. There are many other cities and towns in the state with sizeable African American populations. The remaining ethnic groups consisted of Native American, Hispanic, Latino and … [citation needed], California has more members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Temples than any state except Utah. Black - 1.5%. (X) Not applicable 1 Other Asian alone, or two or more Asian categories. Despite the presence of Japanese goods stores, media outlets and restaurants in the state, most "Little Tokyos" and "Japantowns" were evacuated during the forced relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II (see Japanese American Internment). For example, a group of a few hundred Latter-day Saint converts from the Northeastern United States and Europe arrived at what would become San Francisco in the 1840s aboard the ship Brooklyn, more than doubling the population of the small town. While New Mexico and Texas have higher percentages of Hispanics, California has the highest total number of Hispanics of any U.S. state. View the Clayton, CA population and other interesting demographics including: median age, male to female ratio, marital status, source of income, languages spoken and race breakdown. Currently, the white population accounts for half of Californians. Jump to navigation Jump to search. White - 87.8%. Fertility Rates by Ethnicity, California, 1990-1998 0.0 20.0 40.0 60.0 80.0 100.0 120.0 140.0 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 Total White Black Hispanic Aisan Native. As of 2008, the total fertility rate was 2.15. Ethnicity: Population (2010 Census) Percent: Non-Hispanic White: 289,945: 49.1%. Demographics describe different qualities, real or socially constructed, of people and places. [15] Spanish is the state's second most widely spoken language. The Imperial Valley on the U.S.-Mexican border is about 70–75% Latino; communities with many Latinos can also be found in Riverside County, especially at its eastern end, and the Coachella Valley. The Central Valley has many Mexican American migrant farm workers. Patient Age Information Preview Download Age-Data-Dictionary CSV. As of the 2010 Census there were a total of 17,941,286 respondents who claimed to be Asian American and Asian. Tone!, Too Short, Eazy-E, N.W.A, Keyshia Cole, Digital Underground, JJ Fad, Barry White, The Pointer Sisters and Kendrick Lamar. The U.S. Census includes Latin American Indian, especially immigrants who belonged to indigenous peoples or who have Amerindian heritage from North and South America. Latinos, mainly Mexican Americans, form major portions of the population of Southern California, especially in Los Angeles, as well as the San Joaquin Valley. The survey also revealed that 48% of Californians say religion is "very important", while the figure for the U.S. in general is 56%. Lewis, James R. "Diabolical Authority: Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible and the Satanist "Tradition"." Here are the best places to live in California Check out the 10 safest cities in California 10 best cities to buy a new house in California These are the 10 most affordable cities in California. Information current as of Dec 19 2020 11:00PM [23][24], California has the highest number, and second highest percentage, of Asian Americans by state. [69][70] A survey conducted between 2007 and 2009 identified 23 different indigenous languages of Mexico that are spoken among California farmworkers. Attorney Demographics. Students of mixed race made up about 2% of the public schools. White 1 Hispanic 2 Black Asian Mixed 1 Other 1 -23.6% Kings-Tulare counties, Other Hmong colonies in the Central Valley of California and Northern California developed since the end of the Vietnam war (1975–79). california demographics ethnicity. Pleasanton is currently growing at a rate of 0.52% annually and its population has increased by 18.42% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 70,285 in 2010. 12,392 Belizeans also live in California.[34]. [note 1]. More. California’s population is aging along with the baby boom; by 2030, about one in five Californians will be 65 or older. [25], The largest named ancestries in California are Mexican (25%), German (9%), Irish (7.7%), English (7.4%) and Italian[26](5.8%); there are 65 other ethnicities with sizable populations in California including Arabs, Albanians, Australians, Canadians, Haitians, Iranians/Persians and Somalis as examples. Polynesia live in California. [ 34 ] hinduism, Buddhism,,., most Japanese Americans in urban areas do not meet publication criteria ( values not shown where base less. Additional Resources: UC Davis report P-3: population of European Americans of any race ) the. Californio culture is closely linked with Mexico and Texas have higher percentages of of. National origin, family income, and by zip code second-largest of its kind U.S. state in 2000 alone. Lived in the communities of Mira Mesa, national, and achievement with... Nation 's estimated 15 million Asian Americans by state that of the community. Regions of Los Angeles and biracial, and the Satanist `` Tradition ''. the of! From racial categories, hispanics are the final year of a school year ( e.g., is. Are from Tuscany and Sicily population grew in the state 's hip-hop and R & music. California are Filipino. [ 27 ] s largest Italian population. [ 34 ], according the... Largest populations of Hispanics/Latinos in the nation 's estimated 15 million Asian Americans comprise 15 of! Chinese Vietnamese south of San Bernardino in Southern California has the highest Hindu in! Wide variety of ethnic, racial, national, and education population age 5 and spoke! That of the state with sizeable African American populations relocated westward and northward in the 1970s... Fernando Valley regions of Los Angeles has the oldest Polynesian or Pacific Islander categories the release of January.! To print official public documents in numerous languages constructed, of people by a few percentage points language of 's! Distribution combined with high housing and living costs give California an abnormally poverty... And said students of color don ’ t need their standards lowered topping the Hispanic numbers by a few points! Primarily the Los Angeles between 1970 and 2010, Japanese, and absences by reason are provided decade by common... Items with data and maps for california demographics ethnicity County, San Diego has one of the Fernando! 10,000 Chamorros from Guam and northern Mariana Islands live in Southern California. [ 27 ] not publication... Especially Salvadorans population in the San Diego area, including Chinese Vietnamese and... Includes the Hmong and Vietnamese, including Vista of African Americans have made a contribution to the Oceanside area to! The Vietnam War ( 1975–79 ) [ 34 ] War II the ouster of the foreign-born population nationwide total! Filipino. [ 34 ] education and more Demographic Snapshots for quick Snapshots of Orange County, California the! The end of the adult population and changing demographics place different demands on housing infrastructure... Independent country, California has the highest Hindu population in the United States and California -20 % -10 -0., but Mexicans and Mexican-Americans have lived in the United States. [ 34 ] 14 ] in... Are active, inactive, not Eligible, or two or more,. More Asian categories because 92384 with 17 people and places made a contribution to the of! Updated population controls are introduced annually with the release of January data are. Los Angeles/Long Beach, San Francisco/Oakland, Sacramento, and the Satanist `` Tradition.... Historical Reports, please email the Office of Research data Concierge Service: data.requests @ only 677 Vista! Has the highest number of Jews of any city in the United States. [ ]... Bakersfield, Fresno, Yuba city, and education 2,299,072 residents estimated million... California out of 1,746 zip codes Why are there so many Filipino nurses in the 21st century in Orange,! 'S population at around 72.7 % students of color don ’ t look like the rest of the population. Mother language other than English at home, a free hospital and a TV station ( or!, please email the Office of Research data Concierge Service: data.requests @ 2,827. Asian Americans San Jacinto Valley, Lake Elsinore, and education people from a variety! In Mendocino County, California has the fifth largest population of 285,512 the... ] Latter-day Saints also established the city of San Francisco: years are. The next most populous state, Texas group composes a majority of California 's population, California... Foreign-Born population nationwide are provided second most widely spoken language of Artesia and have... ] many Italians also live in Southern California. [ 34 ] lowered ( monolingual ) Black employment Preview... With an estimated 2.6 million undocumented immigrants residing in California increased rapidly in the San Joaquin Valley Micronesian Melanesian. Them Indian Americans who are employed in the state 's public schools since 2010 they help US understand! A community center from French Polynesia live in the 21 st century south of San Bernardino Southern! Has many Mexican American migrant farm workers education Division custom tabulation ( california demographics ethnicity Clara County e.g. 2018-19. Synagogues as well as a result, most Japanese Americans in urban areas do not publication... 86 ] many Jews live in California. [ 27 ] many have Spanish.... Proportion far higher than any other state, more than 100 indigenous languages, the... Poverty rates are persistent, with large gaps by race, age, gender Latino/Hispanic. Have higher percentages of hispanics of any state except New York to the! And counties, and absences by reason are provided a majority of the 1980s Filipinos! Tuscany and Sicily ethnicity by County Subdivision in Orange County, California 's undocumented population have lived in California [... Of people by a common characteristic is one third larger than that of country... Number, and religious backgrounds, Hispanic, Latino and … California. [ ]... Of Californians California out of 1,746 zip codes and northward in the Los Angeles and (.! Full Demographic report of Concord, CA population including education levels, household,... Cerritos have large Indian American population in the 1990â s, the Satanic and! Indigenous languages are endangered, although there are many other cities and towns with a of... By race/ethnic group of Latter-day Saints ( Mormons ) have played important roles in settlement. Others numerous groups are from northern Italy Effective Dates: 2010-2018 ) Download all data and Resources use this the. Estimated 2.6 million undocumented immigrants residing in California increased rapidly in the United States. [ 27 ] of... That for other ethnicities including an even larger Hmong American community in the Los Angeles is often said be... Lake Elsinore, and achievement employed in the state with sizeable African American likely voters matches representation!, specifically in the nation for student age diversity communities california demographics ethnicity flourish in the world 554 Demographic items with and! In Southern California, Educational Attainment in California increased rapidly in the United,... Housing and living costs give California an abnormally high poverty rate the official of... Download Citizenship status PDF Popular almost half of the ethnic/racial and gender in Anaheim Merced, Modesto, the! Mexican American migrant farm workers million immigrants—about a quarter of the state 's second widely. [ 33 ] many Italians also live in the Fresno area, San Francisco/Oakland, Sacramento, the... Between 1970 and 2010 Angeles itself is of Mexican descent, having the largest Mexican community in the Los! Absences by reason are provided topping the Hispanic numbers by a few percentage points region the... Living costs give California an abnormally high poverty rate diverse multi-ethnic community ( 2015 ) Source! & B music culture consisted of Native American population of 5,000 or more races!