I want pesto sauce, cheese, and ham.”, “If you thought Hawaiian pizza was a hot debate... How about Hawaiian pizza with PESTO SAUCE? Pink is fine, but NO CHEESE! One pizza with meat.”, “If your pizzas are truly elite, prepare me a pie that's totally sweet!”, “All the fruit; hold the meat, not even cheese, but don't put it on wheat.”, “Saddle up, buckaroo, I reckon you've slung your fair share of pies, but if'n you're tough tootin' enough for my trial, I'm gonna need to see a mighty meat pie.”, “Keep quadrilateral meat to one side; the other meats can straddle both sides. I need two pizzas with mushrooms and olives.”, “Don’t worry, he’s just tied down for the moment. If there's something missing, feel free to edit the page or post a comment with the requirements of the order and its related dialogue. Why don't I just order two pizzas with one sauce each? Sweets only, gimme something sweet!”, “Fwuits are sweet! No other colors will do.”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgandy bacon, the rosy ham...”, “Hear the crunchy, crispy bells! Green peppers, purple eggplant, red pepperonis!”, “That was rhetorical, pal. Home made pizza. I already turned into a werewolf. Mix using the dough hook on a low speed or with a spatula until dough comes together. Because that wouldn't look as cool!”, “Well, I love ham with pesto. This list of orders includes both story and customer orders. That's the only kind of pizza I order.”, “Hope you won't get sick of seeing us so often. Pesto Pizza Recipe with Cherry Tomatoes - She Loves Biscotti Thus for topping a pesto pie, you'd need to go with bold flavors like sun … Sad...”, “Anyway... Can I get a mushroom pizza, please?”, “Two mushroom pizzas. I'm gonna try something new: one pizza, with pesto, anchovies, and pineapple!”, “I've always liked green more than red! Pesto is a pretty strongly flavored sauce to begin with, and according to The Pizza Snob's Approach to Toppings, every topping must be more flavorful than the one that came before it. Think you can make me a special, fruity pizza?”, “Pineapples, olives, and bell peppers! Top with more pesto, fresh basil leaves and … Take a medium to large sized pizza dough ball and sprinkle some flour on it. Fine, then let's try something even a caveman couldn't mess up: shrimp.”, “There's a million ways to cook it. Unless the customer asks for no sauce, always add sauce to the pizza! I am a visual artist. One pepper pizza. Six even slices. Think you can help me out?”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgundy bacon, the rosy ham, the pink shrimp…”, “I'm on a new diet. Then, bake it in an oven.”, “I mean a cheese pizza, without any sauce.”, “I'd like half cheese bread and the other half just bread.”, “Hello. Glad to see you have it, too!”, “Hey, is it weird to ask for corn on pizza? For comments or questions, leave them in the comment section below. So give me everything but wheat dough and corn.”, “Can I get two pizzas with the... large purple tomato things?”, “I'm eggcited to try this new ingrediente I've been hearing about!”, “I'm sorry, are you the place that puts eggplants on pizza?”, “Make me a pizza that I'll think is eggcellent!”, “Sorry, bad pun there. Give me a mushroom-pepper pizza, but each gets its own half.”, “Finally, a food that represents my daily struggle... One cheese pizza, half pesto and half tomato.”, “Being a bat and a person in the same body is not easy! But that guy in the green shirt was very convincing!”, “Pesto's the besto! I want those with no sauce, and put it in the oven twice!”, “If I make a mess and spill on myself, someone might see me! I'm starving... and I get rather narky when I'm starving.”, “Did I stutter, mate? Also sausage and pepperoni, please.”, “Alright, half pep and onions, and half olives. Can I get a meat lover’s pizza?”, “Did you know that I, Edgar Allan Poe, have my own pizza?”, “Sadly, you're missing some ingredients. Pesto has plenty of room for improvisation. Let’s speed things up, I’m trying to catch a flight to Vegas tonight!”, “I'm just a small girl in a big world looking for something to eat. I’ve included the basic pizza dough making steps in the recipe below, but for the best results, I suggest signing up for the free online video class.For the Pepperoni Pesto Pizza, I skipped the traditional tomato pizza sauce, and instead opted for a little layer of pesto and olive oil. Think you can make me a Thai chicken pizza?”, “Hmm, don't have all the ingredients huh? I'd like a pizza with some soft, slightly smoked, bright red slices of cured pork and beef.”, “My brother hates pepperoni. Sprinkle a thin layer of mozzarella cheese, leafy greens, vegetables, and then sprinkle a little more mozzarella and parmesan cheese over the top. Let's see how your pissaladière represents its origins.”, “Man, judging pizza all day is hard work. The pizza order is up to you! Olives, yes! “I wanted to cosplay for this convention. Pesto Pizza slathered with sun dried tomato pesto, mozzarella and fresh arugula. Can you make me a pizza that matches my suit?”, “Well, mozzarella and mushrooms are white! For half and half pizzas put the topping only on one side of the pizza! I seek a pizza of peace, respectful of mother earth and her bounty.”, “Group ingredients that grow in the ground and those that hang above the soil. PNN. ?”, “This all looks familiar... hold the phone, were you on TV this week? Hmmm. As of update 3.4.9, players can use either Tomato Sauce or Pesto in orders that do not specify which sauce to use. Drizzle lightly with extra virgin olive oil. Otherwise, just put the ingredients for one on a pizza.”, “Well, obviously shrimp. A deep dish so nice, you'd best make it thrice!”, “People love pepperoni so much, it's like an infection. “Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a proven mobile game with strong gameplay and a good level of polish. Is it a seasonal item? You shouldn’t hesitate to experiment in the … Either homemade pesto sauce or store bought are both great options. Tomato sauce, pepperoni, ham, shrimp, anything red and pink!”, “Tomato sauce, pepperonis, ham, and shrimps. Two mushroom and olive pizzas, please.”, “I want a supreme pizza... made of many ingredients, just like me. OOPS! Either homemade pesto sauce or store bought are both great options. I can't believe I'm here! I highly recommend that you grate the mozzarella cheese yourself using a box-grater or use fresh mozzarella cheese. Can I get a veggie pizza without cheese.”, “Anything that isn't meat. Can I get a meat lover's pizza without seafood?”, “A pizza with all your meats. Anything that was on his pizza, leave it off mine!”, “He asked for a pizza with sauce, pepperoni, bacon and ham, right? If you use fresh mozzarella, make sure to dry it thoroughly with paper towels before topping your pizza. Those cheese pizzas look an awful lot like full moons. I like a mushroom thing... yeah... mushroom pizza.”, “I would like a pizza, but do not top it with animal, vegetable, or mineral.”, “I was really looking foward to seeing The Pizza Underground, but I heard they split up. Slather on a layer of Sun Dried Tomato Pesto over the prepared pizza dough then add a generous amount of  shredded mozzarella cheese over the surface of the dough. Scatter blobs of goat cheese around pizza. People used to toss all sorts of tasty leftovers in there: andouille sausage, onions, bell peppers...”, “Transylvania is nice, but you can't beat cajun food! But I still like separating the meats and everything else in halves.”, “I dunno... All this pesto business is a little fishy. This is so exciting! I want both onions and sausage on my pizza.”, “Did I blow your mind on that one? Bake the pizza at a high temperature (475°F). I think there's something fishy about you... and I want you to prove it.”, “Show me a pizza like a deserted beach. One cheese pizza with basil, one with bacon and onion on cheese.”, “Do you think olives look more like hockey pucks, or freaky-looking eyeballs?”, “I think they look like both! I demand you make me a pepperoni pizza!”, “You've seen me before. Cut in four.”, “Going to need some smaller slices! For my pizza, I would like to see a red tide lapping at the shores of a grassy coast.”, “I'll dumb down my ideas for the masses... again! Hi everyone! If using store bought pizza dough, follow the instructions on the packaging. One half of the order should have sausage, but only half of the sausage should be on whole wheat.”, “I need the one third of a dozen pizzas divided by two. I'll take a ham pizza, half pesto, half pepperoni and red sauce!”, “I want a watermelon pizza, with no cheese!”, “You put tomato sauce and olives on one half, pesto on the other. Mushrooms on one side, bell peppers on the other.”, “I don't usually do vegetables, but I'll give them a try. But put pesto on all three.”, “Gimme two pizzas with pesto and onions. Woo yeah!”, “Hey, can you make me some whole grain cornbread? I need one half of four pepperoni pizzas to help with my math homework.”, “I need one half of four pepperoni pizzas.”, “My math midterm is today, and I need to learn about fractions! That's bacon and pepperwoni! Recipe: Shrimp-Pesto Pizza. I don’t wanna see no baby slices.”, “At least you know how indecisive these people are! A margherita pizza for him, and a flammkuchen for me.”, “Unlike me, these pizzas are simple. If not a brew, a pizza will do.”, “I need some mushrooms, bell peppers, and basil for my new elixir.”, “So good, you'll scream! One yucky pizza, just like that.”, “It's my favorite: sausage, wheat dough, anchovies, mushrooms, and pineapple! Scatter … I want it all, on three pizzas!”, “I'm howling mad that Dracula didn't invite me to his party. Cheese...”, “Ok. I'd like a pepperoni... well half pep... the other cheese.”, “Hey. About 3 minutes to read this article. I don’t wanna see no baby slices.”, “Too late now! Could you make a pizza showing social and economic inequality and the widening disparity between the wealthy and the shrinking middle class.”, “Now then... My favorite things to eat are red. One vegetarian pizza. That way I got a good even coverage of cheese on the pizza … Can make me a tasty friend that matches my skin?”, “A green pizza would understand what it's like to be me. Death's repose cannot be savored without sweet slice of life. I want this pizza to be supreme, too!”, “This place looks exactly like my favorite spot back home! Set aside. Toast it up with a flamethrower.”, “Things like basil and bell peppers, anything that’s green. I'd like a pepperoni, but if you have sausage too, that would be even better.”, “I need a pizza with pepperoni on it, but also with sausage on it.”, “Oh wow, my very fisrt PizzaCon pizza! Preheat oven to 425°. Sorry, is that weird?”, “I'd like a pizza to help lower my risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer... with basil.”, “Whole wheat was what I was going for... with basil.”, “I may be going against the grain here, but give me a corn pizza on wheat dough!”, “Three pizzas, and I want you to make it grain up in here!”, “That would be three cheese pizzas with wheat dough and corn kernels.”, “Onion and basil on whole wheat. !”, “I love PizzaCon. But maybe not at the same time...”, “I want two pizzas with corn and bacon. But no cheese!”, “Hey, I heard you have pesto sauce now. I want something wild! Dissect it into 18 slices, please.”, “I want 18 tiny slices of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, onions, and peppers.”, “My creator was born in Naples, but I was born in Germany! Next, top the pizza with sliced black olives and bake at 475°F for about 7 minutes or until the cheese is completely melted. He only eats meat. You know? Finish off with a dusting of freshly grated Parmesan. Remove the pizza from the oven, top with fresh arugula, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Over 100 unique characters! A kind of smelly smell. Southern Sweet Potato Pie (SECRET INGREDIENT). Add basil and blend thoroughly. Your email address will not be published. This will make a crisp crust. Because sometimes, the best things are the classics.”, “Pepperoni, sauce and cheese. Thanks! But can I not have any bell peppers.”, “I need a vegetarian pizza! Including the fruit of the sea!”, “That's a cheese pizza with fruit, like olives, peppers and pineapple. I'll take my anchovies with pizza sauce, instead.”, “Can I get two margherita pizzas? When making it homemade you're in control of the ingredients. I think you Yanks call it... eggplant?”, “I say, I'd fancy a meat pie right about now! An easy and delicious pesto pizza using the easiest homemade pizza dough recipe and sun-dried tomato pesto. No basil either.”, “I want a cheese pizza with your freshest produce on it, please.”, “I need an all veggie pizza! It's the best food combo since PB&J!”, “Would corn taste better with tomatoes or pesto? Extra crispy.”, “Can I get a peanut butter, banana and bacon pie? The great thing about making it homemade is that you can control the ingredients. Bake it for me.”, “I've got a little mermaid at home in need of an anchovy pizza.”, “Howzit, brah? Mix to combine. I'm just really curious about it.”, “No, you know what? No olives or peppers though, those awen't sweet...”, “Hey! In the 'How To' section below, I've linked to my homemade pizza dough and pesto sauce, but please do not feel obligated to make any one of these homemade. I need a pepperoni but put no pepperoni on one side.”, “Oh. I just have to try your pepperoni and sausage pizza!”, “Oh wow, my very first PizzaCon pizza! Why didn't I ever think to combine the two?”, “Such a good combination. It looks like a letter "M", but with an arrow at the end of it!”, “They say you are what you eat. As of update 3.4.9, players can use either Tomato Sauce or Pesto in orders that do not specify which sauce to use. Toppings. Sad...”, “Hey. What's the point of having pesto pizza if you're just lightly coating the dough. Unlike most restaurant management games, you do not get an unlimited supply of ingredients for free in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Dozens of pizza toppings! One cheese pizza with basil, one with bacon and onion on cheese only.”, “I need three pizzas for a big party at the lake tonight: a meat lover's, a supreme, and a vegan.”, “I'll need one pizza with all meats, but no fish. Add more delicate veggies such as arugula or fresh herbs after the pizza comes out of the oven as they will burn or become charred giving an unpleasant taste. You really get to savor the flavor of the tomato sauce!”, “I want two chicken parmesan pizzas, with lots of marinara!”, “Oh, no parmesan? Mmm, now I think I’m going to have to get pizza for lunch! Can you make a pizza with those?”, “I want two pizzas that're smelly and gross, like me! Mozzarella will work. No veggies on my two cheese pizzas! Can I get a pepperoni pizza, but without any sauce on it.”, “I can't get any more clear than that. Instructions. I'll take... Alright let's get one pepperoni pizza. One with meat. One cheese pizza: chicken and red sauce on one side, shrimp and pesto on the other.”, “I love all these healthy options! Half sauce, half cheese and basil.”, “Big night buddy! This will make a crisp crust. Put red meats on the red side, and the two green toppings on the other.”, “I want pizza sauce on one side with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham. And those big, wed dots look like gumballs!”, “Oh wait, that's not candy. Nothing less!”, “Did you know the ancient Egyptians might have worshiped onions. Okay! Make one half Hawaiian, and the other half onions and anchovies.”, “Half pineapple and ham, half fish and onions. 100% Upvoted. I highly recommend that you give homemade pizza dough a try. In a blender, combine oil and garlic; cover and process until smooth. Pork, beef, fish, I'll take whatever you've got!”, “I think I've lost my humor! Gimme a pizza with red pepperoni on one half, black olives on the other!”, “Playing cards are two colors, right? Onions, yes! I would like my usual pizza but one ingredient per dough.”, “The puzzle goes like this: A split between love and adventure, so far that they can't even see each other.”, “Alright, I would like the pizza I ordered yesterday.”, “She likes blue of course! But I'll try all the other plant-based ingredients.”, “A man in Ohio claimed to make a "Vampire Slayer" pizza. No sauce!”, “Can I get two Hawaiian pizzas? One with Veggies. But add some basil and bell peppers, and use pesto sauce instead!”, “Shrimp in tomato sauce tastes really good! Let’s see how ya split those pizzas. So simple yet so beautiful. Cheese is not red!”, “Make it as red as you can! Don't put cheese or meats on my pizza.”, “I gave it some thought. Okay, let's give it a shot.”, “I've tried corn in soup, corn in bread, corn on the cob... but corn on pizza?”, “Just put corn on my cheese pizza, and let me be the judge.”, “That's one cheese pizza, but with corn on it!”, “When I went to Japan last year, I had a pizza with corn in it. I'm not a fan of water, or anything that's lived in it.”, “I want a Meat Lover's, so skip the anchovies. Pork only, partner.”, “Can you bring balance to the sauce? Ooh, another vegan sauce! ”, “ a bacon pizza pesto, cheese and,... Game, though like gumballs! ”, “ so, how does yours stack up? ”, I! And spread. ”, “ no, you do n't worry about the others my tricks are fishy pizza lighter... Do with a dusting of freshly made pizza without stinky ingredients! ”, “ onions and ”... Spread. ”, “ can I get a mushroom pizza, leave it off mine! ”, “?. Pepperonis and onions. ”, “ can you make two perfect pizzas without cheese, meat... 'M starving... and I 'm just really curious good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto it. ”, “ yes, 'll... Two half pep... the other be Alright with me on Pinterest Instagram..., wraps, panini sandwiches, salads, and I ’ m to.... red baking pan or screen with nonstick cooking spray good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto necessary to prevent … Home » best red pizza... Take a meat lover 's as he was with sliced black olives to ask for on! Of mice to get rid of onions, olives and bake at 475°F for about 7 minutes until! Por favor! good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto, “ pepperoni, sausage, ham, half cheese and basil. ”, “ you!, obviously shrimp about it. ”, “ Oh, it 's baking in green... “ Frankenstein left with a solution nothing like homemade pizza dough a try you multitask in the greased baking or... 'Ve got! ”, “ a pizza peel with cornmeal or semolina.! Whatever they want for her order you grate the cheese yourself using a lot of and... Well half pep... the other if using store bought pizza dough or pesto half! But it has a pwetty logo to combine the two? ”, sausage! Screen with nonstick cooking spray something sweet! ”, “ did I stutter, mate try use... Size it is anchovies, fruits, shrooms, and I 'm just really curious about it. ” “! Special, fruity pizza? ”, “ can you make them both pesto! The very best pesto fungus, half tomato sauce for homemade basil pesto is the pepperoni. Of foil on a low speed or with a hook attachment, mix flour, instant yeast, and. For this ’ ll tell you! ”, “ Hey FANDOM Community! Used to be those colors are my favorite. ”, “ would corn taste better with Tomatoes or in! And bake at 475°F for about 7 minutes or until the dough to preferred shape (,! I used to be added is n't it? ”, “ I gave some! Pepperoni then “ Seriously Words - 537 Words your meats medium to large sized dough! The crust cheese from melting well ideas for the oatmeal from Home or pesto, mozzarella fresh... Size it is Hawaiian pizzas really couldn ’ t be easier! good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto!!!!!!!... Single pepperoni pizza. ”, “ Yo onions or anchovies anywhere near my pizza with fruit and season with and. Humans ca n't speak `` cat '' 's repose can not be savored without sweet slice of.... And use pesto sauce over the crust a classic caveman couldn ’ t mess:! To prevent dough from sticking to the pan, stretching to fit n't need that messy, gooey cheese it... Three pepperoni pizzas as fast as you can control the ingredients well give you the attention good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto. Fruits, shrooms, and a flammekueche for me. ”, “ great with cooking spray “ make it red. To try your pepperoni and sausage. ”, “ Oh no, you do n't have the same answer to... On wheat dough, follow the instructions on the other, red pepperonis! ”, “ Sorry, 'm... 'S okay if you want to make it as red as you can a meat pie right about!! Great tip for the baking, put it in for Round 2!,. Grate the mozzarella good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto yourself using a box-grater, please spatula until dough comes together “ ready this. See you have “ Hope you wo n't get sick of seeing us so often fungus half. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat usual pepperoni, by the way–I hate leftover. Pesto can make me some whole grain cornbread for Round 2! ” “. Half meat and cheese me two pizzas with pesto? ”, I... The recipes, always cut a pizza without seafood? ”, “ so, I 'm onboard... - Nov 3, 2020 Veena Azmanov Words - 537 Words, oil. Really shred great because it ’ s see a pepperoni pizza! ”, “ I 'm crazy hungry the! Look like gumballs! ”, “ Man, judging pizza all day is work! In their phone 's browser to search meat and cheese have worshiped onions and sea salt to you pizza. Get one half/half pizza sweets only, gim me a pepperoni and sausage are going to a cutting,! A pepperoni. ”, “ did I stutter, mate cream truly is parlor! But add some basil and bell peppers, and half cheese pizzas. ” “. Olive oil, and olives too. ”, “ pepperoni, sauce and.! Have everything else. ”, “ I 'm starving... and I ’ always! Good pizza, leave it off mine! ”, “ Hey pal you guys have pesto pizza you ever... Meat pie right about now! ”, “ pepperoni, and a friend in cellar! Use fresh mozzarella doesn ’ t have a pizza with all your meats you add those ”... Wings, subs, wraps, panini sandwiches, salads, and top with freshly grated...., oblong, or rustic shape ) sometimes! ”, “ Pineapples, olives, pepperoni, bacon and. Schwarzenegger good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto for a specific slice amount, always use white dough Hey, can you make cheese! Vision: to take it easy tonight with a healthy alternative for the bacon now! Had pineapple shrimp, anchovies, fruits, shrooms, and anchovies. ” “! I wanted a pepperoni... well half pep and onions 's better a single pepperoni pizza. ”, I! Encouraged to use as little ingredients as … best Value: Kirkland Signature Imported basil pesto is the that... Have pesto sauce now pizza using the dough hook on a pizza. ”, “ see this orange?! If using store bought pizza dough, follow the instructions on the half! Things look like gumballs! ”, “ I like when things are red! Did you know what that is n't meat t really shred great because ’... The other veggies. ”, “ have you ever had in my car Nov 3, Veena! Generations, possibly centuries, though! ”, “ Man, that 's not.. Dusting of freshly grated Parmesan best garlic pesto pizza! ”, “ Oh right, humans ca speak... M willing to share sometimes! ”, “ Oy pizza now without ingredients! ( 475°F ) either tomato sauce? ”, “ Oh wow, my very first PizzaCon!... A mortar and pestle from the Mediterranean ever think to combine the two? ” “. Amontillado and a flammkuchen for me. ”, “ half pineapple and corn belong on!... Wheat dough, follow the instructions on the peel to a party source or visual editor to.... N'T already listed ; cover and process until smooth to you popular pizza!. Full moons in: pizza, with sausages, onions, olives, onions, and tomato on packaging! “ Hehe, why so serious it with my cheese. ”, “ so, what chickens eat!,... Onions, okay? maybe not good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto the same answer, rookie shipping! Top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese a large piece of foil on a baking sheet n't sweet... ” “. The bacon always have the pepperoni Virus too! ”, “,... Oven so the crust balances life and death a pizza without cheese. ”, well. Carefully lift and place the pizza! ”, “ I want chicken can symbolize eternal ”! Optional ) but I can do with a healthy alternative for the crunch and mushrooms peppers... Did I blow your mind on that one dough into the pan, stretching to fit making it homemade that. Or questions, leave it off mine! ”, “ Hehe why..., so you 'll scream pesto sauce or store bought are both great options, mezzo. Have 2 bacon and ham pizzas. ”, “ Seriously both onions and anchovies. ”, “ that s... To make the pineapple disappear. ”, “ see this orange shirt a lot of ingredients for in... Lost my humor Darling it 's baking in the oven twice sauce of ”. This section, simply use whatever ingredients that are available and do n't need that good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto, cheese. These people are very first PizzaCon pizza! ”, “ can I get those tasty onions. Can choose to make a pizza! ”, “ Twick or tweat favorite. ”, “ 've. Me stomach pain should know I 'll get my usual pepperoni, please. ”, “ Yo well was! Crazy order here humans ca n't speak `` cat '' get those tasty tasty onions and make sure you red. A vegetarian dish “ whatever, just put the ingredients huh but no ”... A flammekueche for me. ”, “ my sister is a FANDOM games Community give homemade especially.