STR Transforming Kefla - An analysis on the Universe 6 Superpower. Battlefield Diva. ... Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or … Congratulations! Category: Pure Saiyans. I know she stacks, which is great, but she seems to start slow. - Battlefield Diva - Power Bestowed by God - Fused Fighter - Warriors of Universe 6 - Tournament of Power Peppy Gals - Universe Survival Saga - Potara - Universe 6 - Final Trump Card - Rapid Growth Posted by. Btw, my STR Kefla is 55%. Makes me wonder why did they restrict Gotenks and Buus second form as much as they did? GLB Official. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. SSJ2 full-out busts Kefla, giving her 160% - Although this becomes far more potent than just a 10% buff, because while she does lose her additional 50% - Collecting 6ki now lets her perform a guaranteed additional super attack. STR Transforming Kefla Dub Active Skill. Output console >>> ["123567"] But to understand the difference how a list stores a string and integer, view the below code first and then the output. SoundCloud. She’ll still be amazing as the dodge and additional from ssj will make her banging. Definitely STR Transforming Kefla’s best partner because she’ll make it easy for STR Transforming Kefla to collect 6 or more orbs to either perform high chance … Team #3: Dokkan fest agl meta cooler as lead and the units I added ... another stupid Lr Beerus, more teq super trunks (the spirit blade trunks) and str super buu that transforms. 0:00. Combined with a linkset loaded with ki, a variety of categories due to her transformations, and most importantly, valuable synergy with many excellent existing units. Her orb uptime needs to be tested on her various teams to find where she performs best.) Her facial features and eye shape are more reminiscent of Caulifla's, but her complexion is a middle between both of their skin-types complexions. Show More. Fluff. artwork dragonball fusion kale potara saiyan ssj3 kefla dragonballsuper tournamentofpower caulifla "Kale! Kefla-Glas GmbH & Co. KG Am Ockenheimer Graben 48 55411 Bingen Germany. Opening Times. 100% Upvoted. Her banner has the potential to be shit, but idc: it's fucking KEFLA. Sold H Rank 460 , Rainbow LR Vegito, Lr U I Goku, Lr Buutenks, Kefla 680 red coins LF Paypal. This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. - Benefit from STR Cooler's second support passive - Restricted to being at the first slot if he wants to get the second ATK boost and even then, it's not guarantee that he will receive an attack - Him requiring to receive an attack first has the risk of being detrimental if said attack is … Transformer-based Scene Text Recognition (Transformer-STR) PyTorch implementation of my new method for Scene Text Recognition (STR) based on Transformer. This skyrockets her APT to a 4.9m, which is already high enough to be considered an extremely solid DFE - But this isn't even her final form. Recommended tracks Dokkan Battle Transformation OST - SSJ3 Goku (Extended) by Sans(Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate) published on 2019-12-24T09:02:12Z Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Goku Vs. I am expecting dfe from her rapid growth category and maybe ssbkk, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. In the same way, str() is used to convert an integer to string. SoundCloud. 2686. Published: Nov 14, 2017 IMAGE DETAILS. Her orb uptime needs to be tested on her various teams to find where she performs best.). Please download one of our supported browsers. Discussion in 'Dragon Ball Z DBZ Dokkan Battle Accounts - Buy Sell … Stream Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku from desktop or your mobile device. I don’t like kefla, but Ill still summon on every dokkan fest, as a f2p. Power Bestowed by God. STR Rosé also gives Extreme allies Ki +3 and DEF +50%, providing LR Black & Zamasu with a whopping 8 Ki at the start of the turn so they can reach their 18 Ki Super ATK in this legendary rotation. I like the unit, but how could the banner not be ass, just those same USS units we all have with multiple dupes. (Note: A lot of this is still speculative, most of these values will probably change. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I watch a lot of reactions to new units coming out both on here and on youtube and it's actually pretty surprising how lukewarm people have been about her actual passive and kit. 99% Upvoted. KI Multiplier: 150%-> Transforming into SSJ2 Kefla after receiving 5 … ; I adapted the four-stage STR framework devised by deep-text-recognition-benchmark, and replaced the Pred. David Jefferson. P +49 (0) 6721 96310 F +49 (0) 6721 963131 E W Yes! BOTH Analysis. str is a flexible way to represent an integer in a variety of different number systems.. Stream Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle STR transforming Kefla OST by Cleoisbestowaifu from desktop or your mobile device Kefla is a young, slender woman of Caulifla's average height and Kale's muscular build. 2 hours ago. View all Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Gotenks transforming (INT) Buutenks buu transforming (TEC) Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Coora (STR) Bardock Future Gohan (INT) Piccolo SSB (kaioken) Goku (STR) Zamasu (AGL) Future trunks (TEC) Goku (namek saga) Gohan SSJ2 LR Cell LR Vegeta SSJ4 (STR) Goku SSJ4 (AGL) … Play. Her supported base form has an APT of 3.5 million - Which far surpasses the APT of quite a few units to begin with, nevermind pure base form units. Settings. Also, she'll do fine on SSJ due to just how many orb changers they have imo. Changes AGL to STR Orbs. it's sad that I couldn't get her in legends ;-; This isn’t fair, Kefla’s stupid strong in the anime, she’s broken in every game she’s in AND she gets good theme songs? Her high chance to dodge when collecting 6ki combined with her relatively high defensive boosts make her extremely durable to boot. Fullscreen. 0:00. This gives her SSJ2 form an incredible 8.5 supported APT - surpassing many of the game's best LRs. This is a bruh moment, Yessir The ultimate waifu with an ultimate theme, This sounds like something that would come from FighterZ in my opinion. David Jefferson. … Image size. 2513. Kefla starts unconditionally with a 100% buff when performing a super attack, and when collecting 6 or more orbs, she gains an additional ATK +50%. Today we look at the new Transforming Kelfa's Super Attacks that's coming to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! Her leader skill is perhaps the only factor that makes her less valuable, but that's something to be seen - because regardless, even without being an excellent leader she's sure to be a mainstay across several teams. Tournament of Power. If you have any reason at all to want Kefla, go for it. Really happy that they made her this good can't wait to run her on transformation boost and take advantage of that sweet Cooler support. Conclusion. Regardless, the forecast on her being a top 10 at minimum seems like a very high possibility. 7 Comments. She's an amazingly potent unit both offensively and defensively, has great art and awesome animations, good links and a wide variety of speculated categories. Tournament of Power. waifu time. I guess that means he's sure to be there hah. However, these two percentages add together multiplicatively, which means that Kefla's 50% calculates to be a lot more like an additional 100% to her attack. As for what's next, I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of my upcoming tier list. STR sets the standard for data intelligence and global benchmarking, allowing you to compete strategically, plan for the future and understand your customers. Freddy. Kefla X male reader Fanfiction. 1/120 "Potara" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +150%: Gigantic Blast - Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF Details: I really appreciate it. I just hope when it rolls back on global that ssbkk goku is on it. You’ve learned so much about integers and how to represent and convert them between Python string and int data types.. Transforming Vegeta gets a powerful passive that gets better as turns passes, ... Kefla is the original Potara team leader, and a nuker with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. 129 Favourites. In this tutorial, you learned: Super Saiyan 2 Kefla. Is it the lack of K&C that is hurting me? Truly, this unit is highly worthy of claiming the title of the first female dokkanfest - and she doesn't nearly fumble it, like a certain first EXT DFE LR did. 42. The DL must come faster so DBZ World can show us what she is made of. Stream Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku from desktop or your mobile device. Monday through Friday from Genre Soundtrack Comment by ninjaboy. Shattering the Limit. Equipped with Transformer, this method outperforms the best model of the aforementioned deep-text … 1247. Kefla is the Potara fusion between Caulifla and Kale, and is the secret weapon of Universe 6 in a last-ditch attempt to win the Tournament of Power, forming after the two were almost eliminated by Goku. This story is about ... bra, Lr phy trunks, and transforming vegeta. 4K Views. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Lets become Supersaiyan 3 together!" Such cases are int perfect form cell and str cell, with int having his pre super boost and Ki boost calculated separately, while str has both his boosts pre super. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Still would love to see some comparision numbers like ATK with and without 6 Orbs on her Base form and SSJ1 state on 55% and Rainbow etc. Awakened UR Dreadful Super Fusion - Super Saiyan 2 Kefla Super PHY. STR Kefla links very well with PHY Kefla and also pairs very well with STR Cabba, but I don't get very high attack early on. Users who reposted this track NeoLegendXL. Honestly, a lot of her Categories have some good orb changers, which is great for her. Peppy Gals. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Even if she doesn't make the top 10, She's still indisputably a great card. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 2020-12-04T23:24:57Z Comment by Elijah Holmes. I have a feeling that this will be one of those cases where the second people try her out in-game, they'll definitely how busted she is. Well there's only a one turn difference unless you land them in slot 2, plus their final forms are still a lot better than Kefla's (even though she's strong as hell), Oh you the additional 50% my be additive, as sometimes they factor in attacks from Ki after super aswell. Hearts / Ultra Instinct Kamehameha Full Ver. (All of this is just attack stat not APT), (This is all assuming shes under a 170% leader and is linked with LR Kale and Caulifla, and keep in mind that her seeming like her output is lower in Ss2 is due to the fact that instead of an additional +50% with 6 orbs, she’s just launching another super attack essentially doing 1.1 mil damage more than she did at peak Ssj1). Need help? You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, @eduardo8aaa got her twice in two singles, @itsyaboi-230283586 probably when legends hits a major hit. Links: Super Saiyan. x1 Moves and Skills Leader Skill. What am I missing here? You can reach us via. share. 137. However, she can only realistically usually show up as SSJ2 for the last section of a fight. So, what's her average APT look like? Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku published on 2020-05-31T04:49:19Z. Log in or sign up to … save hide report. This article is a disambiguation page for Kefla (disambiguation) The following is a list of cards of the same character or of multiple characters with a specific affinity. (Note: A lot of this is still speculative, most of these values will probably change. Thanks for reading! Kefla's Transformations . Pair this with the fact some of her best partners are supports, and Kefla's base form instantly is an excellent unit without much flaw to begin with. Alot of those guys were on ssbkk goku's banner I dont see them dropping them again so soon. … STR Rosé is the best Linking partner for LR Black & Zamasu, sharing 5 Ki Links and at least 25% ATK Link Skills, plus another 25% when “Big Bad Bosses” is active. Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku published on 2020-05-31T04:49:19Z. SoundCloud. I'm wondering how to convert a python 'type' object into a string using python's reflective capabilities. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related. STR Kefla is easily one of the most worthy successors we've ever seen in Dokkan Battle - able to easily and totally eclipse the former Kefla unit that was in game prior to her release. @azazel-553143243 probably not until 3rd year anniversary, if they make that is... NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO AN OVERPOWERED CHARACTER, anyone else already starting to save up stones for her on glb. I have a lot more but I don't wanna name them all. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 31 comments. GLB Official. One of the primary factors that's a huge ball in Kefla's court is that outside of LRs she's hands down one of the best pre-transformed unit in the game. Close. Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! Finally the waifu herself gets a OST, respect. Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, Users who like Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, Users who reposted Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, Playlists containing Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, More tracks like Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla. 5 comments. 1700x2338px 1.99 MB. Kefla's hairstyle is a mixture of both of those owned by the female Saiyans, being spiky like Caulifla's with bangs framing both sides of her face while the majority of her hair is held up in a ponytail like Kale's. Kefla, of course, only gets stronger as she transforms - and unlike Buu & Gotenks - she transforms with rapidity. Users who liked this track Freddy. Stay tuned! Code save hide report. It's good that my thoughts are basically confirmed with this post. Fierce Battle. Stream Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku from desktop or your mobile device. Speculatively, me and the mathletes have just about figured her to sit somewhere in the mid 6mil range, which make her a top 5. By MrSawyer10 Watch. For example, I'd like to print the type of an object Kefla first transforms on turn 3 to SSJ, gaining her old passive with an additional 150% on SA. STR Transforming Kefla at 55% Mini-Showcase! Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku published on 2020-05-31T04:49:19Z. STR Transforming Kefla Dub Active Skill. Transformation // STR Super Saiyan 2 Kefla by Kagayaku published on 2020-05-31T04:49:19Z. She can unreliably evade, ... SSJ Cabba is the type specific support for Super STR. Universe 6. Next Awakening Cost. number = 123567 a = [] a.append(str(number)) print(a) I used a list to print the output to highlight that variable (a) is a string. Warrior of Universe 6. share. Please select one of the cards below or search to find the card you were looking for if it is not listed. Awakened UR Tight-Knit Fusion Fighter - Super Saiyan Kefla Super PHY. HyperSidneyBlazin. - Saiyan Warrior Race - Battlefield Diva - Solid Support - Warriors of Universe 6 - Tournament of Power Peppy Gals - Universe Survival Saga - Pure Saiyans - Universe 6 - Rapid Growth She seemed really insane from the beggining to me and her requirements are piss easy as well. stage with Transformer..